Sitting in my favourite chair in the Sport&Fit Gym, I watched the visitors passing through the reception. Over the years, you hear many interesting stories, statements and advice. I have decided that some of these myths need to be destroyed, crumbled into dust, in short, let’s play MYTH BUSTERS.

I want to share the main ones with you and debate whether they are true or whether we can just dust them off!

Let’s get started.

MYTH 1: To lose the fat deposits on my belly, I need to do at least 500 abs a day.
Fat loss locally is virtually impossible and is lost unevenly throughout the body depending on your genetic potential. How many chiselled bellies and fat bellies would there be in the world otherwise….

MYTH 2: For summer definition, I need to do a lot of reps with low weights!
Many repetitions with low weights will not be enough stimulation for muscle growth, so muscle mass gain will be small. Less muscle mass means lower metabolism and less fat loss… not to mention diet!

MYTH 3: Protein is the steroid that makes you bloated and makes you hang on when you stop training.
Although the word proteins may sound aggressive to some, it is a simple derivative of the English “protein”. “protein”, meaning protein. Protein is a basic macronutrient and essential for all humans.

MYTH 4: When I lose weight, I need to be dressed heavily, preferably in a breathable windbreaker, to sweat as much as possible.
Sweating and the loss of water and minerals along the way has nothing to do with the use of fat for energy purposes, it is just the way the body removes heat! I hope someone hasn’t already run in overalls!

MYTH 5: Protein will destroy your liver and kidneys, eat eggs and meat instead!
Protein drinks are usually high-quality products derived from milk or milk-based products. whey and are harmless to the kidneys and liver when used in the recommended amounts. Protein is a popular addition to the diet, added when physical activity increases.

MYTH 6: Will I gain 10kg of muscle when I consume a whole can of protein?
Protein is an essential nutrient for building muscle mass and maintaining adequate nitrogen levels in the body for muscle growth. They won’t help us do that on their own, it’s not a miracle powder, we can make a miracle happen in the gym or in the gym. at the gym, where you’ll do a sufficiently intense workout followed by a tasty protein shake. Behind every success is hard work!

MYTH 7: Woman: “I don’t want to lift weights because then I’ll be so muscular I’ll be ugly.”
Too often women imagine that lifting weights a bit will make them real bodybuilders… do you think your boyfriend has become a huge muscle man and has been going to the gym for 5 years? Lifting weights is healthy for your bones and is good for building muscle and losing fat.

MYTH 8: When losing weight, it’s best to eat as little as possible so your body can use up its stores.
Starvation causes increased loss of muscle mass and leads our bodies into a state of catabolism. Who wants to have less muscle mass? No one! A properly designed menu and more of the right meals per day will help to speed up metabolism and increase fat loss.

MYTH 9: “Now that I’m on a diet, I don’t eat any fat to lose weight faster.”
Fats are essential for creating favourable conditions for muscle growth, are involved in the production of body hormones and in the action of fat-soluble vitamins. It is important to consume enough essential fats, e.g. Omega 3.

MYTH 10: BMI (body mass index) is a great indicator of the state of our body.
The ITM is only a tool or. Indicator. The state of your body is visible in front of a mirror. BMI is calculated as body weight (kg) squared (m). Compare two 110kg men, one with 25% fat and the other with 8%. The Body Mass Index will be the same, but what about the body?

What do you think about all these myths?

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