Bolero Ice tea drink 9g


Bolero Ice Tea Instant drink contains no calories and is available in many interesting flavors.

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Bolero Ice tea drink 9g

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Ice Tea Instant drink


Bolero Ice Tea drink is an instant non-alcoholic beverage with sweeteners.Bolero drinks contain no added sugar and very few carbohydrates, so they are suitable for individuals who take care for their daily caloric intake.


Bolero Ice Tea instant drink has added vitamins and minerals, among which there is vitamin C, which plays an important role in the normal function of the immune system and other enzymatic reactions.

Drinks Bolero can be prepared easily and quickly, since it is only necessary to dissolve the contents of the packet in the water.

Bolero Ice Tea instant drink is available in many flavors suitable for a refreshing drink. Furthermore, the product does not contain gluten and preservatives. Colorants are obtained from natural sources.

Each packet of 9g is sufficient for preparing 1.5 to 4.5 L of beverage.


Mix 1 packet (9g) with 2-4 L of water. Serve chilled.


According to individual needs

*composition may vary depending on flavor. Data are for orange flavour on 100ml of prepared drink.

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