Quamtrax Hydrolyzed Whey 2267g



Sports nutrition Quamtrax Hydrolyzed Whey contains hydrolysed whey proteins.

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Quamtrax Hydrolyzed Whey 2267g

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Quamtrax Hydrolyzed Whey is an advanced protein drink. Hydrolysed whey protein contains high-quality protein peptides, purified of all unnecessary substance. Their high biological value means that their rate of absorption is very high and they are perfect to consume after an intense workout. Protein peptides are split on short chains of amino acids and can quickly pass into the bloodstream. To facilitate the understanding of the Quamtrax Hydrolyzed Whey quality it is necessary to know the process of production of hydrolysed proteins. This process involves three main stages:

  1. Purification: Whey protein has to be cleaned, whic means to remove fat, lactose and cholesterol. Fats make digestive process more difficult, which hinders the absorption of protein. It is highly recommended to avoid saturated fats, not only due to absorption of proteins. Lactose is a sugar contained in milk, which many people can not digest and can cause stomach problems, flatulence and tension. Cholesterol can also have impact on the athlete`s health.
  2. Hydrolysis: After the whey protein was isolated and purified, it pass through the hydrolysis stage. Here it is enriched with digestive enzymes that help split protein peptides up to amino acids. This procedure enriches protein with the highest biological value. The biological value means to which amount and degree a certain substance can be absorbed into the bloodstream. After ingestion it requires 15 to 40 minutes, that the amino acids enter the muscle cells (depending on the metabolism of the individual).
  3. Enrichment: After hydrolysis the product is further enriched with essential BCAA amino acids and L-Glutamine. BCAAs are the most important amino acids in the anit-catabolic process, L-Glutamine the most present amino acid in the muscles and therefore essential for regeneration.

Flavour: vanilija

Nutrition values and information about product


Mix 1 dose (40g) with water or nonfat milk and drink soon after excercise.


1-2 doses (40-80g) per day or according to individual needs.

*composition may vary depending on flavour. Data are for vanilla taste.

INGREDIENTS (chocolate taste):

Milk protein (hydrolyzed whey protein concentrate), L-glutamine, glutamine peptides, low-fat cocoa powder, cocoa flavor, sweeteners (saccharin, sucralose), bromelain, cocoa flavor enhancer, cinnamon powder, soy lecithin.

INGREDIENTS (vanilla taste): 

Milk protein (hydrolyzed whey protein concentrate), L-glutamine, glutamine peptides, bromelain, sweeteners (saccharin, sucralose), vanilla aroma, vanilla


It is not a substitute for a balanced and varied diet. It is not intended for the treatment, prevention or disease diagnosis. Store the product in a cool and dry place. Do not expose to moisture and direct sunlight.

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