Sculpt Celluless Advanced 150ml


Topical cream Sculpt Celluless Advanced provides help with weight loss and cellulite removal.

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Sculpt Celluless Advanced 150ml

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Sculpt Celluless Advanced is a popular cream for use in weight loss programs. Sculpt Celluless Advanced contains a powerful anti-cellulite and reducing fat formula. Its active ingredients are Actiporine 8G TM, Actisculpt TM and Bio Slim TM acquired through recent scientific research of algae Corallina.

Some ingredients are patented. An important fact is that tests were performed in vivo and in vitro, which provides adequate performance and effect.

Cellulite is the result of circulatory disorders at the local level, when body liquids are discharged from the fatty tissue in a wrong way. Due to various factors fatty tissue can retaine an increased amount fo carbon dioxide, water, potassium, urea, lactic acid and other substances. This is usually due to sedentary work, hormonal influences, hereditary causes and poor nutrition.

Adipocytes are present in several homogeneous layers under the skin. When the micro-vascular activity is disrupted, cellulite starts to appear. The increased size of adipocytes, along with the increased accumulation of water and toxins, damages to the connective tissue enhance the formation of fibroblasts and consequently cellulite.

Sculpt Celluless Advanced ingredients assist in stopping the above mentioned processes and help to consolidate the abdomen, hips, butt and legs.

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