Vitamin C, or L-ascorbic acid, is an essential micronutrient that has many important functions in the body. It is required for the functioning of certain enzymes and for the normal function of the immune system. It also acts as an antioxidant, protecting the body's cells against oxidative stress caused by free radicals. Foods high in vitamin C are citrus fruits, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, peppers and strawberries. Vitamin C is an essential nutrient involved in tissue repair and enzymatic production of certain neurotransmitters. In humans, vitamin C deficiency compromises collagen synthesis, which can lead to more severe symptoms of scurvy.

Vitamin C also contributes to normal nervous system function and reduces fatigue. It is also important for the absorption and metabolism of certain nutrients, in particular improving the absorption of iron. Most people who eat a balanced and healthy diet consume enough vitamin C, but supplementation is advisable for smokers, people exposed to mental and physical stress, athletes, alcoholics, infections and certain diseases.

Vitamin C deficiency compromises collagen synthesis, which can lead to more severe symptoms of scurvy.

Vitamin C is important for connective tissue repair. Although vitamin C supplementation is recommended for all athletes, it is particularly important for bodybuilders, where most tissue damage occurs. In addition, due to its antioxidant function, vitamin C can help prevent free radical damage, the concentration of which increases dramatically with exercise. Oxidative damage caused by free radicals interferes with the ability of cells to function normally and is linked to many health problems such as cancer, cardiovascular disease and ageing.

The main functions of vitamin C are:

  • required for collagen biosynthesis
  • neutralises free radicals
  • plays an important role in the immune system
  • is required for the function of certain enzymes

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